Notice of stopping promotion

With the desire to bring quality programs and better benefits to participating customers, Shinhan Securities would like to announce the suspension of the promotion program "Happy Tet with great luck, Fortune get special offer". This promotion will stop from April 8, 2024. Instead, the Shinhan Festival promotion program, "Choose Shinhan, no fees for life" will be launched on the same day so that customers will not be affected or have their benefits interrupted. but also receive better incentives than the old promotion.

Specifically for the new program, Customers will also enjoy the following incentives:

(1) Free transactions for whole life;

(2) Free margin interest for up to 60 days for the limit of 500 million VND on the account, and preferential margin interest of only 6.8% up to 180 days for the limit of 10 billion VND on the account.

The program applies to domestic individual customers, please refer to detailed information about the program here.

SSV hope you will enjoy great experiences with our services.

For more information or need support, please contact Hotline: 028 6299 8000 or email