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Margin Trading Service

Margin Lending

Financial loan products for securities investment are based on the value of assets currently in the account with the collateral being stocks in the list of allowed margin trading of the SSC.

The use of leverage allows you to make larger profits when the price increases.

Open to all investors with experience and product knowledge who want to use financial leverage in investing.

You can check the detailed service guide click here

1. Conditions
Custormers who have a trading account at Shinhan
2. Lending interest

Current lending interest rate: 0.0288%/day

Overdue Interest rate: 150% x 0.0288% = 0.0432%/day

3. Lending Term

Maximum lending term: 89 days

Extension might be applied for loan term to another: 89 days

4. Margin ratio

Initial margin ratio : 50%

Maintenance margin ratio : 40%

Forced sale ratio : 35%

5. Forms of disbursement
Automatic disbursement​
6. The method of issuing margin calls
Phone or Document or SMS message or email.​
7. Payment method

You can check detailed service guide click here

List Of Margin Stock

No. Stock Code Exchanges Company name Margin ratio
1 AAA HOSE An Phat Bioplastics 40%
2 ACB HOSE Asia Commercial Bank 50%
3 ANV HOSE Nam Viet Corporation 30%
4 APG HOSE APG Securities Joint Stock Company 30%
5 ASM HOSE Sao Mai Group 30%
6 BCC HNX Bim Son Cement 30%
7 BCG HOSE Bamboo Capital 30%
8 BCM HOSE Shares of Investment and Industrial Development JSC 40%
9 BFC HOSE Binh Dien Fertilizer 30%
10 BID HOSE JSC Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam 50%
11 BMI HOSE Bao Minh Insurance 30%
12 BSI HOSE BIDV Securities 30%
13 BVS HNX Bao Viet Securities 30%
14 BWE HOSE Binh Duong Water Environment 40%
15 C32 HOSE CIC39 Corporation 40%
16 C47 HOSE Construction Joint Stock Company 47 35%
17 CNG HOSE CNG Viet Nam Joint Stock Company 30%
18 CSV HOSE South Basic Chemicals 30%
19 CTG HOSE Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade 50%
20 CTS HOSE Vietinbank Securities 30%
21 D2D HOSE Industrial Urban Development No.2 30%
23 DBD HOSE Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical 30%
24 DCM HOSE PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer 40%
25 DDG HNX Shares of Indochine Import Export Investment Industrial JSC 20%
26 DGC HOSE Ducgiang Chemicals 40%
27 DGW HOSE Digiworld Corporation 40%
28 DHC HOSE Dong Hai Bentre 30%
29 DIG HOSE DIC Corp 50%
30 DPG HOSE Dat Phuong 40%
31 DPM HOSE Phu My Fertilizer 50%
32 DPR HOSE Dong Phu Rubber 30%
33 DRC HOSE Da Nang Rubber 40%
34 DXG HOSE Shares of Dat Xanh Group 40%
35 EIB HOSE Vietnam Export Import Commercial Join Stock Bank 40%
36 FCN HOSE FECON Corporation 40%
37 FMC HOSE Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company 30%
38 FPT HOSE FPT Corporation 50%
39 FTS HOSE FPT Securities JSC 30%
40 GAS HOSE PetroVietnam Gas 50%
41 GEG HOSE Gia Lai Electricity 40%
42 GEX HOSE Gelex Group JSC 45%
43 GIL HOSE Binh Thanh Import-Export production and Trade JSC 40%
44 GMD HOSE Gemadept Corporation 40%
45 GVR HOSE Viet Nam Rubber Group 40%
46 HAH HOSE Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC 40%
47 HAX HOSE Hang Xanh Motors Service JSC 40%
48 HBC HOSE Hoa Binh Construction Group 20%
49 HCM HOSE Ho Chi Minh Securities 50%
50 HDB HOSE Ho Chi Minh City Development Join Stock Commercial Bank 50%
51 HDC HOSE Ba Ria - Vung Tau House Development 40%
52 HDG HOSE HA DO Construction 40%
53 HPG HOSE Hoa Phat Group 50%
54 HPX HOSE Hai Phat Investment 30%
55 HSG HOSE Hoa Sen Group 50%
56 HT1 HOSE Ha Tien 1 Cement 40%
57 HTN HOSE Hung Thinh Incons 30%
59 IJC HOSE Becamex IJC 40%
60 ITA HOSE Tan Tao Industrial Park 40%
61 ITC HOSE Investment and Trading of Real Estate 40%
62 KBC HOSE Kinh Bac Urban Development 40%
63 KDC HOSE KIDO Group 40%
64 KDH HOSE Khang Dien House 50%
65 KSB HOSE Binh Duong mineral 30%
66 LCG HOSE LiCoGi 16 JSC 40%
67 LHG HOSE Long Hau Corp 30%
68 LPB HOSE LienViet Post Bank 50%
69 MBB HOSE Military Commercial Join-Stock Bank 50%
70 MBS HNX MB Securities JSC 40%
71 MIG HOSE Military Insurance Corporation 30%
72 MSB HOSE Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank 50%
73 MSH HOSE Song Hong Gament JSC 30%
74 MSN HOSE Masan Group Corporation 50%
75 MWG HOSE Mobile World Investment 40%
76 NAF HOSE Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company 30%
77 NKG HOSE Nam Kim Steel JSC 40%
78 NLG HOSE Nam Long Investment 30%
79 NT2 HOSE Nhon Trach 2 Power 40%
80 NTL HOSE Tu Liem Urban Development 30%
81 NTP HNX Share of Tien Phong Plastic JSC 30%
82 NVB HNX National Citizen Bank 30%
83 NVL HOSE No Va Land Investment Group Corporation 40%
84 OCB HOSE Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank 30%
85 PAN HOSE The PAN Group JSC 40%
86 PC1 HOSE Power Construction No. 1 40%
87 PDR HOSE Phat Dat Real Estate Development Corp 40%
88 PET HOSE Petrovietnam General Services 30%
89 PHR HOSE Phuoc Hoa rubber JSC 40%
90 PLC HNX Petrolimex Petrochemical JSC 30%
91 PLX HOSE Vietnam National Petroleum Group 40%
92 PNJ HOSE Phu Nhuan Jewelry JSC 40%
93 POW HOSE PetroVietnam Power Corporation 50%
94 PTB HOSE Phu Tai Joint Stock Company 40%
95 PVI HNX PVI Holdings 40%
96 PVS HNX Petroleum Technical Services Corporation 40%
97 PVT HOSE Petro Vietnam Transportation Corporation 40%
98 RAL HOSE Rang Dong Light & Vacuum Flask 30%
99 REE HOSE Refrigeration Electrical Engineering 40%
100 SAB HOSE Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation 40%
101 SAM HOSE SAM Holdings Corporation 30%
102 SBT HOSE Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Sugar 50%
103 SCR HOSE Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate JSC 40%
104 SHB HOSE Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Join Stock Bank 50%
105 SHS HNX Sai Gon - Ha Noi Securities 40%
106 SJS HOSE Song Da Urban & Industrial Zone Investment and Development JSC 30%
107 SMC HOSE SMC Trading Investment JSC 30%
108 SSI HOSE SSI Securities Corp. 50%
109 STB HOSE Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Join Stock Bank 50%
110 SZC HOSE Sonadezi Chau Duc Shareholding Company 40%
111 TAR HNX Trung An Hi-tech Farming JSC 30%
112 TCB HOSE Vietnam Technological and Commercial Join Stock Bank 50%
113 TCH HOSE Hoang Huy Investment Financial Services 40%
114 TCL HOSE Tan Cang Logistics and Stevedoring Joint Stock Company 30%
115 TCM HOSE Thanh Cong Textile Garment 30%
116 TDM HOSE Thu Dau Mot Water JSC 30%
117 TIP HOSE Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development JSC 30%
118 TNG HNX TNG Invm't and Trading 40%
119 TNH HOSE Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company 30%
120 TPB HOSE Tien Phong Bank 50%
121 TV2 HOSE Power Engineering Consulting 2 30%
122 VCB HOSE Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam 50%
123 VCG HOSE Vinaconex Group 50%
124 VCI HOSE Viet Capital Securities 50%
125 VDS HOSE Viet Dragon Securities Joint Stock Company 30%
126 VGC HOSE Viglacera Corporation 40%
127 VGS HNX Vietnam Germany Steel Pipe 30%
128 VHC HOSE Vinh Hoan Corp. 40%
129 VHM HOSE Vinhomes JSC 40%
130 VIB HOSE Vietnam International Commercial Join Stock Bank 40%
131 VIX HOSE Shares of VIX Securities Joint Stock Company 30%
132 VND HOSE VNDIRECT Join Stock Securities Company 50%
133 VNM HOSE Vietnam Dairy Products JSC 40%
134 VPB HOSE Vietnam Prosperity Join Stock Commercial Bank 50%
135 VPI HOSE Van Phu - Invest 30%
136 VRE HOSE Vincom Retail JSC 50%
137 VSC HOSE Vietnam Container Shipping 30%
138 VTO HOSE Vitaco - Vietnam Tanker 30%

Cash Advance Service

Cash advances

Receive money as soon as the sale order is matched without waiting for the money to be sold according to the regulations at 16:30 on T+2​

Cash advances allow active investors to stay ahead of the game with rapid funding and buybacks. For passive investors who focus on the long term, a cash advance can be a useful tool for instant cash out.

For customers who need large capital, not limited in terms of portfolio and investment ratio

You can check detailed service guide click here

The customer's sale transaction has been matched and is waiting for money to be returned to the account
2. Interest rate
Current lending rate: 11%/year (announced from time to time)
3. Duration
The actual number of days, from the date the customer receives the advance until the date of refund (the date the money is sold to the customer's account).
4. Disbursement method
Register for advance online
5. Loan payment method
The amount and advance fee will be deducted from the customer's account after the sale of securities returns (T+2).

You can check detailed service guide click here

Financial Consulting Service

Consulting service to arrange loans for securities investment

Consulting service to arrange loans for securities investment

Securities investment arrangement consulting service is financial support for securities investment that is specifically designed according to the needs of investors.

For customers who need large capital, not limited in terms of portfolio and investment rate​​
1. Conditions
Customers have an account at Shinhan and the collateral is stocks
2. Interest rate
Apply according to the 3rd party's interest rate scheduled from time to time
3. Term
Maximum loan term is 365 days and is subject for extension
4. Disbursement method
Customers directly sign loan contracts at transaction counters
5. Loan payment method
Shinhan will collect debt from customers and transfer to Third Party when the loan is due for payment

Note : Informations related to products may be appropriately updated by SSV from time to time, contact us for the most detailed information