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30/05/2023 Utilities [POWER INDUSTRY] - Entering a new phase Update Nhut Nguyen
06/04/2023 Financial Services [BANKING INDUSTRY] - Weather the storm Update Phuong Nguyen
06/02/2023 Logistics [LOGISTIC INDUSTRY] - Revolution begin Initiation Tien Le
16/01/2023 Utilities [POWER INDUSTRY] - The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced new price levels for wind and solar power projects. Update Nhut Nguyen
09/12/2022 Wood [WOOD INDUSTRY] - A tough year Initiation Phuc Nguyen
01/12/2022 Fisheries [FISHERIES INDUSTRY] - Challenged by inflation Initiation Diem Ngo
21/11/2022 Financial Services [BANKING INDUSTRY] - Challenging time Initiation SSV
17/11/2022 Technology [IT INDUSTRY] - Torchbearer Initiation Nhut Nguyen
15/11/2022 Food & Beverage [F&B INDUSTRY] - Input price is cooling down Initiation Diem Ngo
11/11/2022 Utilities [POWER INDUSTRY] - Green transformation Initiation Nhut Nguyen
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