Debt Capital Markets Products Overview

Debt Capital Market (DCM) Products are the key product offerings of Shinhan Securities Vietnam. Shinhan offers medium and long-term financing to the leading public listed companies in Vietnam in VND and/or USD and in the form of either corporate bonds, loans, or other hybrid products. Shinhan not only acts as the financial arranger but also as a strong potential investor.​

With the leverage of having Shinhan Investment Corp (SHIC) – the parent company based in Seoul, South Korea, which is highly rated by S&P (A-) and Moody’s (A3) – to provide the undertaking guarantee for the financing, plus a strong and close-knit network of investors in capital markets and banking in Vietnam and overseas.

Shinhan helps great companies in Vietnam get access to capital from more diversified sources, a wider investor base, optimal pricing, and more standardized Products.

Corporate Bonds & Mezzanine Debts

Shinhan Securities helps great companies to raise financing from the issuance of straight bonds and mezzanine debts such as Convertible bonds, Bonds with warrants, Exchangeable bonds, and convertible loans. Depending on the financing need, use of proceeds, and nature of collaterals, Shinhan Securities works with great companies to structure a suitable product that matches the companies’ cash flows, are highly marketable and pricing-optimal.

  • Diverse Investors
  • Mid to LT debt financing
  • CB, BW, EB, CL
  • Debt + Hybrid Equity
  • Lower cost
Offshore Funding

Shinhan Securities can also help companies to mobilize capital from the offshore capital markets, particularly of South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, in either USD or Korean Won currencies, in the form of loans, bonds, or other mezzanine debts.

  • USD/KRW denom
  • Loan/Bond/Mezz
  • Offering Market – KR, SG, HK
CD Investments & Brokerage

Being an active player in the capital markets,  Shinhan Securities also engages in investing and trading the certificate of deposits (CD) issued by non-bank credit institutions. Normally the CDs traded are 6M to 18M term.

  • (Non-bank) Credit institutions
  • ST financing from 6M to 18M

Typical DCM Transactions