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25/05/2022 MWG-Mobile World Investment [Non-rated] MWG Analyst Meeting 2022 Update Flashnote Hung Le
10/05/2022 MCH-Masan Consumer [Non-rated] AGM Key takeaways Flashnote Hung Le
05/04/2022 STK-Century Synthetic Fiber [HOLD/TP: 68,500] - Growth expectation from new factory Flashnote Hung Le
05/04/2022 REE-Refrigeration Electrical Engineering [Non-rated] AGM Key takeaways Flashnote Hung Le
04/03/2022 MWG-Mobile World Investment [BUY/TP: 166,900] - An unstoppable scaling up retailer Initiation An Nguyen
22/12/2021 VNM-Vinamilk [BUY/TP: 110,000] Status quo resilience Update An Nguyen
07/12/2021 MCM-Moc Chau Milk [BUY/TP: 80,500] Improving margins Update An Nguyen
23/11/2021 SGP-Saigon Port [BUY/TP: 46,200] The rising tide Initiation Lam Do
17/11/2021 FPT-FPT Corp [BUY/TP:130,000] Solid Trajectory Update Vu Nguyen
06/11/2021 QNS-Quang Ngai Sugar [BUY/TP: 61,300] Twin growth driver Flashnote An Nguyen
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