Margin Service

The margin trading service is not applicable to foreign investors according to the law.

SSV T5 is a preferential interest rate product for all customers who have a margin trading account at SSV, from October 20th 2022, when registering to use SSV T5, margin trading loans of customers receive a preferential interest rate equal 0% within the first 5 days.

Scheme of the SSV T5 products

Customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Initial interest rate: 0%
  • Subsequent interest rate: 0.0329%/day (equivalent to 12%/year)
  • Loan term: in 3months (Depends on the margin process)
  • Loan Extension: in 3 months (Depends on the margin process)
  • Margin rate by stock code: 0 – 50%
  • Margin limit per customer: 04 billion VND
  • Transaction fee: 0.15%
  • Other provisions related margin comply with the SSC regulations and the regulation on margin process.

How to register

Customers can contact for instructions to register the product through the following channels:

  • Contact  directly to Call Center 028 6299 8000 or by email:
  • Register with manager broker at SSV
  • Go directly to the SSV office.


  • Depends on the SSV policy, the interest rate, loan term can be applied diffently.
  •  Customers registered to use SSV T5 product will not simultaneously apply other interest promotion program or products running in parallel at the same time.
  • SSV has right to terminate this product any time and SSV will notify customers the termination on the website officially/E-mail.
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