Cash Advance

Cash advance service is applied to all customer having securities at SSV. Mulitple advance methods, fast support. Hotline: 02862998000

1. Purpose 

The selling money will be transferred to the investor’s account after 2 workings days. SSV will provide to cash advance service for the Customers who want to trading to make more profit while they are waiting to settle the selling money. 

2. Object 

The Customer who have opened an account (or the legal authorized person of account holder) to trade shares at SSV. 

3. Conditions to make cash advance service 

  • When the customers who signed the securities trading account opening contract and chose to use advance selling money. 
  • The customers who are using General Account of SSV 
  • The selling order of Customers are matched. 
  • The customers can execute to make cash advance as soon as the sell order has been matched on the trading system 

4. Time for request to make cash advance 

Reality days (including Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays), the time will be counted from the date customers receives the cash advance to the date they payback the cash advance (the date on which the cash advance are entered into the account). 

5. The Advance amount 

The Advance amount = 99%*(Selling Value – transaction fee -  tax) 

6. The Advance fee 

The Advance fee = The Advance amount * number of advanced days * t% 

*t%: is the Advance interest rate prescribed by SSV and published on SSV's website at the time of using the advance service. 

7. Advance Methods 

a. Send the request at SSV’s trading floor                              

b. Send the request via telephone:  028.6288.6000                             

c. Send the request via online trading system 

  • The customer login into the trading account; 
  • Send the request to advance selling money. 

8.  Advance Payback 

On the T+2 day, after clearing settlement, SSV will automatically deduct an amount equal to the Advance payment from the settlement securities trading account of customer to make refund to SSV's account. 

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