Happy Tet with great luck, Fortune get special offer

To welcome the new year, SSV launches a special incentive promotion "Happy Tet with great luck, Fortune get special offer" with many attractive incentives on transaction fees and margin loan interest for new customers as well as existing customers, with details information as follows: 

  1. Promotion nameHappy Tet with great luck, Fortune get special offer ” | Tết vàng lộc phát, ưu đãi trao tay
  2. Time01/02/2024 ~ 30/04/2024
  3. Subjects of application :
  • New account opening during the promotion period 
  • Account at SSV have no transactions within 12 months
  1. Benefits:
    • Trading fee rate: 0%
    • Margin interest rate: 8.8%/year
    • Margin loan limit: 10 billion VND/ account

      5. Application & conditions

  • For new account opening during the promotion period, the benefit will be applied for 06 months from account opening date.

  • For Existing account have no successful transaction within 12 months prior to Feb 1st 2024, the benefit will be applied for 06 months from Feb 1st 2024 – July 31st 2024

  • Preferential interest rate is applied on the entire outstanding balance on T+1 day after the account balance reaches 200 million VND.
  • Margin limit per account is 10 billion VND and total Margin Limit of this promotion up to 300 billion VND.
  • After the benefit period, margin interest rate and margin limit for general customer are applied on the entire outstanding balance of that customer.
  • The trading fee (benefit) do not include 0.027% exchange fee and 0.1% securities sales tax.
  • For customers who want to use margin limit of more than 10 billion VND, the margin interest rate will be applied as general customer or other policy approved by SSV.
  • Customers participating in this program will not apply with other programs at the same time.
  • Apply to customers of Biz partner program through registered email of Biz partner. Please contact SSV if you want to know detailed information about the program applicable to Biz partners.
  • Accounts are managed by Broker or SSV remiser can't apply the promotion
  • The promotion lasts until Apr 30, 2024 or the promotion limit expires, SSV will announce on SSV's official website if any.

Instructions to open an online securities account here.

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