SSV launches a huge promotion, the first time it appears on the market

Shinhan Securities (SSV) officially opened the Shinhan Festival "Choose Shinhan, free for whole life" with a huge offer appearing for the first time on the market. Offer applies to all new customers who open accounts at SSV from April 8, 2024, details as follows:

  1. Benefit

(1) Free trading fee for whole life:

  • Free trading fee for whole life (Not included Stock Exchange fee)

(2) Preferential interest on margin loans

  • Application period: New accounts opened during the period from 08/04/2024 to the end of 30/06/2024.
  • Preferential interest rates apply according to account limits as follows:

  • Total limit : Up to 500 bn Vnd
  • Within 60 days from the date of account opening and during the program period During application period, when customers propose to increase the limit from 500mn Vnd to 10bn Vnd successfully. New interest rate (6.8%) will be applied on all outstanding debt.
  • Total time for customer account to receive preferential margin interest rate is upto 180 days from the date of successful account opening.
  1. Applicable object:

Vietnamese Individual customers open new securities accounts at SSV (No broker to manage the account)

  1. Conditions of application:
  • Within 3 months (calculated by month) from the month the customer registers to open an account, the customer must register/connect the only securities payment account, which is Shinhan bank's account, to receive Free trading fee for whole life. After the registration period, if the Customer does not meet the above conditions, trading fees will be applied according to SSV's general customer policy at each time.
  • In case the customer cancels the Shinhan bank payment account registration or registers another payment account, Free trading fee for whole life will not be applied.
  • To apply the 6.8% preferential interest rate: Customers need to send an email to register within 60-day 0% discount and within the program period. (from April 8, 2024 to June 30, 2024)

For example: Customer A completes account opening on April 15, 2024, Customer will receive the following incentives:

- Trading fee : Free trading fee for whole life from April 15, 2024, provided that the customer completes the registration/connection of the only securities payment account, which is the Shinhan bank account, first. until the last working day of July 2024 (ie July 31, 2024)

- Margin loan interest incentives:.

  • Customers need to register to increase the limit to receive the 6.8% preferential interest rate according to program regulations. Customers send registration email to
  • The transaction fee-free policy is only applied to online transactions.
  • his transaction fees do not apply to transactions in privately issued corporate bonds and other types of specialized transactions in SSV's regulations from time to time.
  • The program may end when the limit is exhausted and on a first-come, first-served basis, SSV will announce on SSV's official website if any.
  • At the end of the promotional period, normal margin interest will be applied to the entire outstanding balance for the customer account.
  • Accounts are managed by Broker or SSV remiser can't apply the promotion
  • Apply to customers of Biz partner program through registered email of Biz partner. Please contact SSV if you want to know detailed information about the program applicable to Biz partners.
  • SSV reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, at any time and from time to time, in its sole discretion and in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Customers participating in this program will not apply with other programs at the same time.

Instructions to open an online securities account here.

Download Shinhan Alpha VN application – The comprehensive stock investment app, the technology key for investors, Customers can download the Shinhan Alpha VN app here: Link IOSLink  Andriod  

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