Confidently “Surfing The Waves” with margin 0% interest rate

Shinhan Securities maintains "boom promotion" by extending the 0% margin loan interest offer for another three months; The program lasts until September 30, 2024. With this incentive, investors are given "wings" to maximize opportunities and double multiply profits when using financial leverage in stock transactions.

Furthermore, Shinhan Securities (SSV) also increases benefits maximum for customers with the "FREE TRADING FEE for WHOLE LIFE" promotion, which contributes to the permanent elimination of transaction fees for stock trading at SSV.

See details of SSV's stock promotion program below:

Interest-free Margin with no limits on trading conditions:

  • Applicable Time: Applicable for new accounts opened from 08/04/2024 to 30/09/2024.
  • Preferential interest rate:
    • The preferential interest rate applied follow account level limit below:


Margin Loan Limit

Preferential Margin Loan Interest Rate

Terms and Conditions


500 mm Vnd

0% for  2 months (T + 60 days)

Automatically applied from the date of account opening


10 bn Vnd

6.8% for 6 months (T + 180 days)

Registration required during application period.

  • Total limit : Up to 500 bn Vnd.
  • Within 60 days from the date of account opening and during the program period During application period, when customers propose to increase the limit from 500mn Vnd to 10bn Vnd successfully. New interest rate (6.8%) will be applied on all outstanding debt.
  • Total time for customer accounts to receive preferential margin interest rate is up to 180 days from the date of successful account opening.

Free Trading Fee For Whole Life:

  • Free stock trading fees for whole life (not excluding transaction fees paid for Stock Exchange).
  • Applicable for new accounts opened from 08/04/2024.
  • Free to open a beauty number digital account.

Free choice of beautiful account number

With a desire to attract more fortune and luck to investors, SSV brings policy free opening beautiful number account for customer that makes it easy to remember their account numbers as well as confidently invest in securities.

The program allows customers to choose a six-digit stock account number that is automatically suggested by date of birth, the last three-digit of phone number or ID number based on customer information provided previously. Additionally, user can customize their account number according to Prosperity Number (999999, 123456, 797979,...) or optional numbers according to their preferences.

Open a beautiful digital account and receive extremely attractive offers to start your successful investment journey from today!

(!) See detail the Conditions and Regulations of the program, please see at the Conditions & Regulations section here.

Instructions to open an online securities account here.

Download Shinhan Alpha VN application – The comprehensive stock investment app, the technology key for investors, Customers can download the Shinhan Alpha VN app here: Link IOS, Link Android

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