No cost requied when opening nice securities account number

A beautiful account number not only has feng shui significance, but also brings the owner luck and convenience in business & marketing activities. In particular, for business people and investors, a good account number is even more important, helping to promote everything positively in business and investment.

Understanding this as well as to create the most satisfied experience for securities investors, Shinhan Securities (SSV) offers a free account opening policy with beautiful number options according to customer preferences. The promotion allows customers to choose a 6-digit securities account number that is automatically suggested by date of birth, phone number extension or CCCD/ID card number based on the customer's previously provided information. Besides, users can also customize their account number according to the Set of nice number (999999, 123456, 797979,...) or optional numbers according to their preferences.

In particular, Shinhan Securities also offers a LIFETIME NO FEE program to help customers trade securities sustainably and optimize costs as follows:

- Free transactions LIFETIME

- Margin loan interest free for 2 months, maximum limit of 10 billion vietnam dong.

(!) The interest-free offer is applied until June 30, 2024. See program details at:

Always prioritizing the quality of customer experience, SSV continuously updates the latest financial technology to help customers transact anytime, anywhere quickly and smoothly; Professional market analysis team orients potential stock investments to help customers make sustainable profits; and high security system ensures customer information & assets are always safe, even in crisis situations.

Open a beautiful digital account now and receive extremely attractive offers from today!

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