SSV Premium Customer Program

Shinhan Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd. (SSV) respectfully announces the Premium Customer Program at SSV as follows:

1. Program name: SSV Premium Customer Program

2. Object: Domestic and foreign customers with big NAV, use margin regularly or/ and customers who frequently trade.

3. Registration:

  • SSV customers: Customer registers by email to SSV; 
  • Broker's customers: Customer registers by email to Broker.

4. Criteria and standard

4.1 Criteria



Margin balance

billion VND

>= 2

>= 1

4.2 Applicable policies

(1) Domestic customers


Premium A

Premium B

Numbers of satisfied conditions

(NAV, Margin balance)






Trading fee



Margin interest



Margin interest rates may change according to policies announced by SSV from time to time.

Customer evaluation period:  Before every 5th working day of each quarter.

(2) Foreign customers



Satisfied condition (only once)




Trading fee


Trading fee (0.053%) for foreign customers does NOT include SSC fee.

5. Conditions of application:

(1) Domestic customers

  • Customers have to meet one of the above conditions: the average value of NAV, and/ or average margin balance, to participate in the program.
  • In terms of new customers or customers who re-register the program, NAV and margin balance will be calculated at the current moment, not 03 month average.
  • At each review period, customers must meet one of the above conditions to maintain participating in the program. Data to calculate 03 month average value of NAV and margin balance will be based on the last working day of each month.
  • Customers who are successfully registered to participate in the SSV premium customer program in the current period after the 5th working day of quarter will be re-evaluated on the following period.
    • For example: If customer registers on 10th January (Q1), he/ she will be in the re-evaluation list on July 1st (Q3).
  • New policy for accounts after each evaluation period will be applied on the 5th working day of the next quarter.

(2) Foreign customers

  • Customers meet NAV condition only ONCE when registering to become a Premium customer.
  • When a foreign customer becomes a Premium customer, the preferential trading fee will be applied

(*) Note:

  • Preferential transaction fee 0% does not include SSC fee only applies to online transactions.
  • Preferential transaction fees do not apply to transactions in privately issued corporate bonds and other types of specialized transactions in SSV's regulations from time to time.
  • At evaluation period, general margin interest rate will be applied when there are no satisfied conditions but customers can continue to maintain the 0% trading fee policy.
  • When changing interest rate for customers, the new interest rate applied on either the new outstanding balance or the entire outstanding balance depending on SSV's regulations from time to time.
  • SSV reserves the right to determine whether customer meets the conditions to participate in this program.
  • SSV reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, at any time and from time to time, in its sole discretion and in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Customers who participate in this program will not be able to apply other promotion/ program at the same time. Except for programs that have regulations allowing Premium customers to participate.

For more information or support, please contact Hotline: (028) 6299 8000 or email