Open securities account super-fast on Shinhan bank's SOL app

In the spirit of One Shinhan, with the desire to provide customers with comprehensive financial services, Shinhan Securities cooperates with Shinhan Bank to integrate securities services including the function of opening securities accounts, depositt for securities trading on the SoL application of Shinhan bank. The service aims to bring customers the most convenient experience from opening an account to trading securities, using many utility services for investment.

Accordingly, customers can easily access the SOL application to open a Shinhan securities account with simple steps of less than 1 minute. In particular, customers not only experience outstanding utilities; but also enjoy many attractive incentives:

  • Free securities trading for 6 months from the date of account opening (More details here);
  • Enjoy preferential margin interest rates of only 8.8%/year with preferential lending limit of up to VND 5 billion/Customer (More details here);
  • Chance to win a gold with total prize value up to VND 200 million (More details here);
  • Give 100,000 Xu Xịn points, equivalent to 100,000 VND when logging in to San Xin Ha application (Download app San Xin Ha here);
  • Optimize investment efficiency with advice from experts 24/7 and support tools, investment recommendations;
  • Experience other convenient services in the OneShinhan ecosystem.

Guide to open securities by SOL application of Shinhan Bank:

Detail of the steps to open an online securities account simply for customers.

  • Step 1: Login SOL of Shinhan Bank, and select “Stocks” Service Download the SOL: here
  • Step 2:Select the function “Open a securities account”
  • Step 3:Enter the necessary information until the completion message is received. (For customers who have not opened a bank account using the online method to open a securities account, download the San Xin Ha app and follow the instructions)

Have a securities account in 1 minutes, very convenient and simple for every customer. After completing the opening of a securities account, the customer can continue to use the "Deposit for trading securities" service to deposit money into the trading account.

Wish the customer's trades successfully, invest effectively.

For more information about this promotion or investment consultation, please contact us via or hotline (028) 6299 8000.