Catch the zero fee, gain the profit 2!

With the comprehensive One Shinhan ecosystem, Shinhan Securities Vietnam (SSV) constantly brings improvements, services and products for the goal of being a trusted “Navigator” in Investment and increasing asset value, create a better future for investor.

Supporting customers to invest effectively and welcoming new investors, SSV launches a special promotion " the zero fee, gain the profit ", free trading and preferential interest rates on margin loans, with specific information as follows:

  • Promotion name: Catch the zero fee, gain the profit  | “Giao dịch không phí, sinh lời hết ý”
  • Time : May 01st 2023 – Aug 31st 2023
  • Benefit:
    • Trading fee rate: 0%
    • Margin interest rate: 8.8%/year
    • Margin loan limit: 5 billion VND/ account
  • Subjects of application
    • New account opening during the promotion period, the benefit will be applied 6 months from the date of account opening
    • Account at SSV have no transactions within 6 months to May 1, 2023, the benefit will be applied for 6 months from the date of the first transaction.
  • Application & conditions
    • Customers participating in this promotion will not be able to participate in other promotions of SSV
    • Benefit interest rates will not be applied to extended loans
    • The trading fee(benefit) do not include 0.027% exchange fee and 0.1% securities sales tax.
    • Margin loan interest is not applicable to customers who do not have a margin account at SSV before May 1, 2023
    • The promotion lasts until Aug 31, 2023 or the promotion limit expires, SSV will announce on SSV's official website or via email

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  •  During the Promotion, any inquires please contact Hotline  028 6299 8000 or visit website