Business development partnership program (SSV Biz partner)

Shinhan Vietnam Securities Company Limited (SSV) is pleased to announce the Business Development Partnership Program (SSV Biz partner), as below:

I. Condition

  • Domestic individuals or organizations that meet all conditions of the Program,
  • Register and are agreed by SSV to sign a contract to become SSV Biz partner;
  • Opened a trading account at SSV.

II. Benefit

The scheme of incentives paid from generating profits or other bonuses paid by SSV for a Biz partner are as below:

1. Incentive for trading fee from listed stocks/fund certificates: Up to 40% of net fee revenue of customers introduced by SSV Biz partners after deducting exchange deduction and other fees. Depends on the policy of promotion or program, the recognition of trading ratio can be differed with the usual transaction*.

*’Usual transaction’ means a transaction under SSV's price policy that is not subject to any promotions or programs.

2. Margin Interest Sharing (MIPS): Up to 1.0%/year based on the general interest rate that applied to customers announced each period; calculated on the actual outstanding balance and based on the actual lending time of each loan. For preferential margin loans, margin incentive will be applied depending on the policy of each program.

3. Bonuses in cash other forms when SSV Biz partners register to participate in programs and agreed by SSV.

4. Incentive for Open Fund Certificates: Incentive and bonuses are regulated and accounced by SSV for each period.

Total fund for margin loan of the program: VND300bn.

III. Payment method

Business bonus (if any) and monthly incentive will be paid in cash to Biz Partner's trading account at SSV in the payment period. SSV deducts tax according to the provisions of personal income tax for Biz partners who are individuals.

IV. Validity of application

  • Applied to all SSV Biz partners, except for cases approved by SSV to apply the other separate policies.
  • The validity of the program will be applied from June 01, 2023 until SSV has a new announcement.

See detailed program terms and conditions of program here.

For more information or support, please contact Hotline: 028 6299 8000 or email


The SSV Biz Partner program does not apply to employees, brokers and current remisers of SSV.

*Program apply from 01/06/2023 until have a new announcement from SSV