Three pillars of building a

After many years of construction and development, the three pillars of Shinhan Securities Vietnam's sustainable development strategy are people, technology and financial foundation. These three important factors have always helped SSV stand firm in the face of volatility and grow stronger.

Focus on the human element

Shinhan Securities Vietnam always identifies human resources as the key factor determining the success of the business. Stemming from the need for highly specialized human resources, SSV has persistently invested and built a team of ethical professionals, capable of understanding and creating value from passion. career and constantly dedicating to the development of Vietnam's stock market, as well as helping customers step by step build a comprehensive and sustainable investment journey.

In 2022, SSV strives to complete the goal of strengthening the organization's strength and optimizing the resources of the young leadership team. By spreading good values, promoting the people-oriented business development model, SSV not only strengthens the spirit of team resources but also nurtures the pride of each individual in the company. . Since then, each individual in SSV has realized their value and mission: to build Shinhan Securities Vietnam into an enterprise with a harmonious development strategy, connecting customers with effective investment opportunities. results, contributing to the development and improvement of living standards for the Vietnamese people.Invest in technology and customer experience

In Vietnam, along with the development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, fintech (financial technology) has been attracting the attention of many businesses in the financial sector. Stock companies are also not out of the technology race,with the aim of developing a diverse digital ecosystem, bringing parallel benefits to both businesses and investors.

The benefits from Fintech such as digitizing all transactions, reducing the risk of errors, saving costs for both businesses and customers, bringing information to customers quickly.

SSV also joins the fintech race to meet the requirements of fast and smooth customer service. In addition to the new digital-based securities trading platform with many outstanding features such as odd-lot stock trading, automatic margin, reading analysis reports, recommendations, viewing corporate financial indicators right on the trading app. SSV is researching technology solutions, securities tools, as well as preparing knowledge and qualifications of human resources to promote the strengths of technology, increase touch points and improve customer experience in the future. every process.

Mr. Hoang Son in District 3, a new investor in the market, expressed his satisfaction with SSV's Shinhan Alpha VN application because of the fast, non-congested order-ordering process. Through the application, he can view the information of foreign investors, business results and financial indicators of enterprises, making the investment journey more convenient and effective.

Strong financial foundation

Shinhan Financial Group is considered as the pioneer financial group of Korea and has entered the world very early, with total assets reaching 546,581 billion USD in the first half of 2022. Based on the foundation and With international financial experience, Shinhan Financial Group is known for its solid growth potential, the largest market capitalization among Korean financial companies for many years.

Over the past time, Shinhan Financial Group has continuously promoted capital investment into Shinhan Securities Vietnam, aiming to promote businesses, help SSV approach sustainable business activities as well as expand its operation scale. With a charter capital of more than VND 2,000 billion, SSV is currently planning to increase its capital strongly in the near future, to confidently conquer the goal of technology development, improve human values, and consolidate potentials. financial strength and "foresee" the challenges of Vietnam's stock market, it is expected that capital will continue to be mobilized from the Group in the coming time.

Especially in the framework of year-end activities, SSV held a writing contest: "TRADER EXPERIENCE - Sharing memorable experiences when investing in securities", the total prize was 40 million VND and a special prize of 10 million VND.

Currently, investors when opening a new account at SSV will receive an extremely low transaction fee of 0.1% and a margin lending interest rate of only 9.5%/year, the application period is until December 31, 2022.

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