Shinhan Securities Vietnam: high growth target in 2022, steadfastly develops long-term

The bright signs of Vietnam's stock market after a challenging period

Vietnam stock market has just experienced many "shaking" sessions, highly differentiated with the colors of green and red. This also coincided with the movements of world stock markets, that makes the cautious sentiment of investors still prevail.

The market is predicted to be more volatile in the near future. However, there is still a prospect of a return to growth in the second half of 2022, thanks to the following key factors:

(1) The economy of Vietnam recorded many positive signs, with GDP growth in the second quarter of 2022 estimated at 7.72% over the same period last year, the highest in more than a decade and the Macro balances such as inflation and payments are well controlled;

(2) The current T+2 payment cycle is proposed to be shortened to T+1.5 days, boosting the stock market's liquidity and increasing trading value per session;

(3) Vietnam is moving towards the goal of credit rating upgrade and the domestic stock market is upgraded to an emerging market, which is expected to attract abroad investment

Shinhan Securities Vietnam: high growth target in 2022, steadfastly develops long-term

In the competition of both domestic- and foreign market share, Shinhan Securities Vietnam (SSV), with the strength of 100% foreign capital company, is not out of the race. SSV’s aim now is to help customers to take advantage of this competitive loan sources as well as optimize profits when investing in securities.

Especially in the context that a series of new products and operations are being promoted such as trading securities during the day, shortening the payment cycle, selling securities waiting for return, etc., securities companies, only when meet the high demand of financial "health", can participate in the implementation. SSV with the long-term development orientation has made a strong preparation and investment in:

  • Efficient and sustainable growth, strengthen the foundation for long-term development

Regarding the financial picture, SSV's operating revenue in the first 6 months of 2022 reached VND 144.6 billion, up 100% compared to the same period last year. In which, brokerage revenue increased 2.3 times over the same period in 2021, at VND 17.9 billion. SSV's profit after tax also reached VND 48.2 billion, up 164% over the same period last year.

  • Elevate the brand, connect customers with investment opportunities

SSV is trying to build & strengthen the brand to create the greatest trust, as well as contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam stock market, connect investors with the market and increase the value of assets. Elevating the brand is associated with improving service quality, consulting capabilities and solutions to protect investors' interests, attracting more new investors.

  • Build-up high-quality human resources

One of the prerequisites for SSV to create a competitive advantage is the human resources, especially professional consultant team with high expertise and experience. In order to help customer access continuously and timely to investment opportunities in the market as well as accumulate finance, the team always cultivate to improve and accompany the financial goals & benefits of the client; prioritize quality and customer understanding first.

  • New technology application, leverage for trading

SSV has successfully developed Shinhan Alpha VN application with high transaction speed and security, integrating indicators, financial data and business reports, which is not only convenient for transactions but also provide for investors an overall financial picture and unified information on all platforms, which received many positive feedbacks from customers in the mean time. In addition, the online securities trading account opening service authenticated by eKYC through the Shinhan Alpha VN app helps customers to register to open an account with just a few simple steps in 3 minutes without going to transaction points.

  • Diversify products and services

With a capital scale of up to VND 2,000 billion, SSV has been and will continue to take advantage of its strengths and expand its business capacity with a variety of activities in the market to bring outstanding experiences to investors.

SSV specially launched the product "Continuing investment momentum, breakthrough trading" with a margin lending interest rate of only 9.5%/year and a transaction fee of 0.1% for all customers who open accounts from the date of purchase. August 18, 2022 without applying any trading conditions. Program details here

SSV always maintains the goal of accompanying & developing with customers. Along with the available investment and potential, SSV is confident to conquer investors of various types, in the long run in the Vietnamese market.