Chuyên viên Cấp cao, Dịch vụ Khách hàng

Phòng ban:

Dịch vụ Khách hàng

Thời gian:

22/02/2022 - 31/03/2022

Địa điểm:

Hà Nội

Số lượng:


1. Do custody and settlement jobs.

- Register to open and close accounts on the VSD system as required by the Transaction Team.

- Deploy, re-deposit, transfer, receive / withdraw, securities on the VSD system according to the file received from the Transaction Office. Complete the depository, transfer, receive / withdraw securities submitted The authorized person signs and submits the application file to VSD in accordance with regulations.

- Receive blockade / blockade dossiers for listed securities requiring blockade or blockade from customers, credit institutions, and the Depositing Division to perform blockade and clearance files to be sent to VSD. Receive effective blockade / release records from VSD, record on the company's transaction system.

- Perform reconciliation, confirmation of data on VSD system.

2. Monitoring, comparing and checking data related to lending activities for margin trading and cash advance

- Following and checking the issue margin loan and repaid margin loan every day.

 Make a report all of thing related of margin

- Following and checking the cash advance.

Make a report of cash advance.

3. Managing and supporting customers in securities transactions. Place orders buy/sell stock for customer requirements.

- Open/close securities trading accounts for customers.

- Receive documents / requests related to financial support services, transfer customer requests to relevant departments for implementation, storage and control.

- Place orders buy/sell stock.

4. Building and standardizing related transactions process

- Researching and building the related transaction process.

  1. Degree:

- University degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or related fields.

- English communication skill is a compulsory

  1. Certificate:

- The stock certificate of SSC (Brokerage/ financial analysis/management of fund).

- The Securities Depository certificate.

  1. Others:

- At least 3 years’ experience in the same position, in depth knowledge of Custody and Settlement.

- Ability to communicate with Customer and related Teams.

- Ability to manage and solve issues.

- Teamwork capabilities and good ability to build and sustain relationships

  • Working time: 05 days/week (Monday to Friday).
  • Opportunity for promotion and career development.
  • Competitive Income.
  • Attractive Bonus’s Policy.
  • Compulsory insurances full salary (Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) based on the Labor Code and BaoViet Health Insurance based on the Company's regulations.
  • 11 Public holidays based on the Labor Code, 16 Annual leave days based on the Company's regulation, 5-year-employee has 01 more annual leave day.
  • Company Team Building Trip every year.
  • Training sponsorship programs: Securities certificates, Soft skills, Technical skills.
  • Professional and dynamic working environment.