WARNING about fraudulent tricks to misappropriate investors' assets

Dear Investors,

Recently, some malicious individuals have created a fake website: https://vnshinhan.com/#/login, with the intent of fraud and asset appropriating. This website has deliberately copied and illegally used the logo image of Shinhan Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd to mislead investors/users into accessing the site and conducting transactions, thereby appropriating the assets of those who perform transactions.

Shinhan Vietnam Securities Co., Ltd. would like to inform users and customers that the website https://vnshinhan.com/#/login is a fake website impersonating Shinhan Vietnam Securities Co., Ltd. with the intent to defraud users.

In order to protect the safety for your personal information and assets, Shinhan Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd. would like to notify to customers the following recommendations for reference:

  • Do not provide personal information such as name, ID card, phone number... to any individual, unit or organization if in doubt;
  • Do not access, log in, or trade on any website or application from unclear sources via phone, SMS or email;  
  • Do not make the payment/ transfer money as requested of any individual or organization if there are suspicious signs. Please call SSV's Hotline number to verify the transaction before execution;
  • Only login access to the following websites, applications and official communication  platform of SSV:

+    Official website:  https://shinhansec.com.vn

+    Online trading website:  https://online.shinhansec.com.vn

+    Trading Apps: Shinhan Alpha VN

+    Hotline: 028 6299 8000

+    Social media channel:

[-] Facebook:



[-] Zalo: https://zalo.me/871066958519461595  

[-] Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@chungkhoanshinhanvietnam

[-] Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shinhan-securities-vietnam

  • Regularly monitor and update security warnings from the service providers and mass media;
  • Do not transfer funds to accounts that are not listed in SSV's official bank accounts list to avoid potential risks.

SSV’s official bank accounts

Beneficiary name

Account number

At bank

Công ty TNHH Chứng khoán Shinhan Việt Nam


Shinhan Bank Viet Nam – Ho Chi Minh Branch


BIDV – Thu Thiem Branch


Woori Bank – Ho Chi Minh Branch


Vietinbank – Ho Chi Minh Branch


VietcomBank – Tan Dinh Branch


ACB – Nguyen Van Troi Branch

MB Bank – Sai Gon Branch

When detecting/suspecting SSV forgery, please do not hesitate to notify us at Hotline 028 6299 8000 or Email support@shinhan.com

If the Customer has lost money on your account due to making securities transaction via a fake link or fake website, you should immediately report to the Police to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Best Regards!