Exclusive For One Shinhan Employee

Based on One-Shinhan's strategic direction to connect and also bring benefits for Shinhan's employees, Shinhan Securities Vietnam (SSV) announces a special promotion for all employees who work in affiliated companies under Shinhan Financial Group when using SSV's securities service.

You simply need to be an official employee of One Shinhan network, which  includes: Shinhan Securities Vietnam, Shinhan Bank Vietnam, Shinhan Finance Vietnam, Shinhan DS Vietnam & Shinhan Life Vietnam; You will receive EXCLUSIVE OFFERS when opening new account or trading online on SSV’s platform, which are:

  • 0% Transaction fees LIFETIME
  • 9.8%/year Margin interest rate, SAVE 1.2% compared to regular customers(!) Margin interest rate for regular customers is 11%/year.

Register now for the above EXCLUSIVE OFFER by:

  • Leave information via the link here 
  • Or, send registration information to email: support@shinhan.com by your business’s personal email with extension @shinhan.com, as below:
    • Title: Register for EXCLUSIVE OFFER for One Shinhan employees
    • Content: Leave your information including Full Name, Your company name, Employee code, Phone number, Email address and Securities account number (if you already have a SSV securities account).

(!) Note: For employees who already have a transaction account at SSV and are participating in the other promotion program for One Shinhan employees. Customers re-register for the program until September 30, 2024. If the customer does not re-register, the general customer policy will be applied to the customer account from October 1, 2024.

Duration of the “EXCLUSIVE OFFER”: Be valid from the start time of the announced promotion program to further notice by SSV and based on SSV policy.


  • Preferential transaction fee 0% does not include SSC fee only applies to online transactions.
  • Preferential transaction fees do not apply to transactions in privately issued corporate bonds and other types of specialized transactions in SSV's regulations from time to time.
  • The program will expire if the customer is no longer an official employee of OneShinhan network.
  • When changing interest rate for customers, the new interest rate applied on either the new outstanding balance or the entire outstanding balance depending on SSV's regulations from time to time.
  • SSV reserves the right to determine whether customer meets the conditions to participate in this program.
  • SSV reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, at any time and from time to time, in its sole discretion and in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Customers who participate in this program will not be able to apply for other promotions/ programs at the same time. Except for programs that have regulations allowing Premium customers to participate.

For more information or support, please contact below:

  • Hotline: (028) 6299 8000
  • Email: support@shinhan.com