1. Promotion nameGet greats gifs when open securities account (“Promotion”)
  2. Time of participation: The program takes place from 10/01/2022 to 28/02/2022.
  3. The promotion applicable for (Promotion products): Shinhan securities account was successfully opened from 10/01/2022 to 28/02/2022.
  4. Scope of application: Nationwide
  5. Application Subjects: Individual customers for the first time opening securities account at Shinhan Securities Vietnam Co., Ltd (SSV).
  6. Promotion Details
  7. (1) Trading fee offers: Free (not include trading fees of the Stock Exchange and applicable to all online transactions), the period of application of the offer until the end of the program.
  8. (2) Lucky draw:

a. Prize structure


Prize content

Number of prizes

First prize

Motorcycle SH Mode


The second prize

Iphone 13


The third prize

Cash to invest in securities:

100,000 VND


b. Method of lucky draw: Random draw organized by SSV itself

  1. Promotion rules Application Subjects Conditions of participation

Promotion Details

Application Subjects

Conditions of participation

Trading fee offers: Free (not include trading fees of the Stock Exchange)

Individual customers opening securities account for the first time at SSV

Customers who open new securities accounts during the period from 10/01/2022 to 28/02/2022will be free of trading fees until 31/03/2022.

Lucky draw:

  • 01 First prize: Motorcycle SH Mode
  • 02 The second prize: Iphone 13
  • 1000 The third prize: 100.000 VND


Individual customers for the first time opening securities account and having transactions from 10/01/2022 to 28/02/2022 at SSV

Customers opening a securities account with at least 1 transaction (including: placing buy/sell orders or depositing money into a securities account, at least 1 million VND) will be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw promotion.

Customer's securities account will correspond to 1 code participating in the lucky draw Promotion. Shinhan will randomly draw 03 customers right after the end of the Promotion to choose the winners corresponding to :

  • 01 First prize
  • 02 The second prize
  • 1000 The third prizes will be selected by SSV and awarded by transferring the prize money to the customer's securities account.

Winning customers will be notified by Shinhan after the end of the Promotion. And officially announced on the Homepage of SSV.

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