Market Trends: The beginning of new chapters

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 Vietnam stock market had an explosive trading day. The major index, VN-Index not only broke out the strong resistance level but also set a new high.  At the end, VN Index edged up by 31.39 points, or +2.26% and closed at 1,423.02. Liquidity soared with the market, when the trading value reached VND 28,378 bn or 936 million shares traded. Notably, foreign investors reversed to net buy with a large amount of VND 1,027 bn.

 The green was the main tone of the market, the utility giant, GAS (+6.94%). Following by was Vingroup duo including VIC (+3.04%) and VHM (+2.92%). Meanwhile, corrections of HVN (-0.58%), DGC (-0.7%) and DPM (-0.64%) were not significant enough to restrain the index.

 The utility group including electricity, water, oil & gas stocks was the MVP of the day. In which, GAS was the most prominent with a limit reaching increase.

 After a series of accumulation sessions, VN-Index had an impressive breakthrough that surprised many investors. That stimulated many investors to disburse more at the end of the session. Technically, VN-Index has officially surpassed the resistance level and created a new high. The MACD also crossed the signal line, supporting the index's ability to break out. Besides, the liquidity also exploded again along with the gain of the index, ensuring a sustainable uptrend.

 In general, the market recovering and breaking out since the bottom created in July due to epidemic is inevitable when macro factors are supporting the economy as well as the market. Thus, disbursement for long-term investm

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