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 The Major index of Vietnam stock market, VN Index, failed to break out on Wednesday's session as it cannot surpass 1,400 level and reversed to decline in the afternoon session to end in red.

 At the end, VN Index dropped 2.89 points, or -0.21% and closed at 1,391.91 points. Liquidity dropped significantly when the trading value was only VND 18,788 bn, for 645 mn shares traded. Foreign investors increased their net selling to VND 519 bn, focusing on HPG (-0.35%).

 VHM (-1.11%) was the most negative influence due to taking more than 1 point from VN Index, followed by MSN (-1.65%) and TCB (-1.13%). Meanwhile, BCM (+4.03%), SSB (+3.2%) and MWG (+1.36%) were remarkable tickers that supported the index.

 Profit taking activities in some sectors ended 7 consecutive gaining sessions of VN Index. In which, the banking, securities, and oil and gas stocks reversed was the main factor. Technology, chemical, fertilizer and logistics stocks maintain the up move but could not help the index save the green.

 Regarding technical signals, VN-Index retested the resistance level at 1,400 then reversed to decrease. If VN Index can't break this level in the next few sessions, it might go back to the nearest support level at 1,380 points. Meanwhile, technical indicators MACD and RSI still showed positive signals.

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