Smart Retail Specialist


Digital Business


06/04/2023 - 06/05/2023


Ho Chi Minh



This position mainly serves foreign customers, especially Korean customers, including SRT service planning &operation; Inbound /Outbound management; SRT system management. Details as following:

1) SRT Planning & operation

- Project planning & operation

- Campaign management

2) [Inbound management] Foreign contact desk

- Consulting foreign customer via hotline call

- Consulting foreign customer via online channel (Zalo, FB, Kakaotalk, FOS feedback, email, company phone, Goldwing, Hompage)

3) [Outbound management]

- Call Outbound campaign via CRM

- Email/SMS outbound campaign to customers

4) SRT system management

- CRM system management

- Online channel management

- Mailchimp management

  • Have at least 3 years of working experience in a similar position at foreign companies
  • Communication skill with foreign customer
  • Process and function of trading system
  • Work process of SRT
  • Product and Service of SRT
  • English and Korean
  • Working time: 05 days/week (Monday to Friday).
  • Opportunity for promotion and career development.
  • Competitive Income.
  • Attractive Bonus’s Policy.
  • Compulsory insurances full salary (Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) based on the Labor Code and PVI Health Insurance based on the Company's regulations.
  • 11 Public holidays based on the Labor Code, 16 Annual leave days based on the Company's regulation, 5-year-employee has 01 more annual leave day.
  • Company Team Building Trip every year.
  • Training sponsorship programs: Securities certificates, Soft skills, Technical skills.
  • Professional and dynamic working environment.