Going Green portfolio for December, 2022


The market continued to plunge in the first half of November due to the pressure of force sell in real estate tickers such as PDR, NVL… Then the market gradually stabilized and recovered in the second half of November. The inflation data was lower than expected along with the FED's signal that it will slow down the speed of hiking interest rates in the near future has helped the global stock market regain the green color. In Vietnam, the authorities and the Prime Minister have consulted to solve the shortage of capital problem to support the real estate market and corporate bonds.

In November, The Going Green portfolio has a rate of return of -0.22%. Some tickers such as CNG (-8.89% MoM), and TV2 (-9.82% MoM) are the tickers with the lowest return in the portfolio when they cannot recover in line with the market after the initial correction. Currently, power planning VIII has not been approved by the Government as expected. Therefore, with a conservative view, we temporarily remove TV2 from the Going Green portfolio because the engineering procurement and construction (EPC) segment is not expected to recover next year as forecasted.

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