- ANV is the second largest Vietnam pangasius exporters (2019: 6% of total Vietnam pangasius exported, following VHC at 13%). Currently, the company has 3 aqua-products factories with a total capacity of 600 tons of fish/day, meeting market demand without any expansion. ANV is attempting to upgrade its market share via promoting and marketing in China market. The company sets up a tight network with China distributors (the current major partner is Shanghai Feinglei International Trading).

- ANV owns a closed value chain that covers from fish feeding to processing. In detail, the company has 10 aquaculture feed production  lines (capacity of 1,000 tons/day) and 22 raw fish farms (total area of 850 hectares). Thus, its self-supplied raw material rate reaches 100%, enabling ANV to actively control product quantity, quality, and input cost. In 2020, ANV gross profit margin (GM) and net profit margin (NPM) reached 14.1% and 5.9% respectively, which are relatively higher than the industry average (12.9% for GM and 3.5% for NPM, respectively).

ANV-Nam Viet
An Nguyen

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