Market Recap – Weak demand


▶ During Thursday's trading session, the market continued to decline with low liquidity showing that investors are still depressed.

▶ At the end, VN-Index decreased 4.07 points, equivalent to 0.37%, reaching 1,110.13 points; HNX-Index decreased 1.19 points (-0.52%), reaching 227.23 points. Market liquidity reached 14.68 trillion VND, equivalent to about 681 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell 357 billion VND, focusing mainly on CTG and STB.

▶ Technical perspective: The market decreased most of the session despite good news from the US market. The sellers completely dominated, causing VNINDEX to close below EMA 50. Thus, the market will likely adjust to the 1080 - 1100 range to test again. It can be seen that investor psychology is quite depressed as the recent recovery has failed. The STOCH indicator has crossed the signal line along with today's downtrend, showing that the probability of the market continuing to correct is high.

Diem Ngo

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