Market Report Week 36 - The upward momentum slows down when reaching resistance at 1250


Key Highlights:

Debt restructuring in banks: Vietcombank is the first bank to implement a policy for individual customers to borrow funds to repay their loans before maturity at another bank, with interest rates starting from 6.9% per annum in the first 6 months or 7.5% per annum in the first 12 months or 8% per annum in the first 24 months. BIDV has similar policies.

Technical view: This week, VNINDEX closed the week at 1,241 (+17.4 points, +1.42%), continuing its upward trend and approaching the 1250 resistance level. Over the past week, the market has been rising continuously and shows signs of profit-taking after a hot streak.

Investment Ideas: As recommended in last week's report, we advised buying at support levels. Beneficiary sectors such as industrial real estate, retail, and banking have all seen impressive gains as we anticipated. Some stocks have reached their profit-taking targets as the market encountered resistance at 1250. Buying at this level is relatively risky, so investors should prioritize holding and taking profits. The opportunity to buy new positions will be more favorable when the market decisively breaks through 1250 or successfully retests the 1210 level.

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Hoang Nam

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