Market Report Week 31 - Unstoppable


Assessment: The macroeconomic last week indicates the recovery of the Vietnamese market. Although there are still signs of decline compared to the same period, there has been a growth compared to the previous month. Overall, both monetary and fiscal policies have not had significant effects and will require time due to the lag of policy implementation and the economy's low absorption capacity. The recovery of Vietnam's economy will heavily depend on supportive policies.

Technical view: : In the past week, VNINDEX continued its fifth consecutive week of growth, closing at 1,225.98 with increasing trading volume. During the week, there were two sessions where the market declined by about 10 points with increased trading volume, but the following sessions immediately recovered the upward momentum.

Investment Ideas: With signs of Vietnam's economic recovery, we expect the retail sector to benefit. Additionally, as savings interest rates decrease, money is likely to flow into the stock market, supporting its upward trend. Some other potential sectors to consider are real estate and securities.

  • Movement of cash flows and capital flows
  • Top stocks worth noting
  • Macro data
Hoang Nam

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