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11/03/2024 KBC-Kinh Bac Urban Development [KBC/BUY/TP: VND 42,400] - Motivation from new IPs and urban areas Update Tien Le
01/03/2024 NKG-Nam Kim Steel [NKG/BUY/TP: VND 27,700] - Go through the valley Update Tien Le
21/02/2024 HSG-Hoa Sen Group [HSG/HOLD/TP: VND 24,700] - Consumption demand is strengthened Update Tien Le
30/01/2024 HPG-Hoa Phat Group [HPG/HOLD/TP: VND 32,000] - The return of the steel king Update Tien Le
29/12/2023 KBC-Kinh Bac Urban Development [KBC/BUY/ TP: VND 42,400] - Growth prospects with large land fund Initiation Tien Le
28/11/2023 NKG-Nam Kim Steel [NKG/BUY/ TP: VND 26,700] - The situation becomes brighter Update Tien Le
22/11/2023 HSG-Hoa Sen Group [HSG/BUY/ TP: VND 25,800] - On the road to recovery Update Tien Le
06/11/2023 HPG-Hoa Phat Group [HPG/HOLD/ TP: VND 27,200] - On the road to recovery Update Tien Le
17/04/2023 HSG-Hoa Sen Group [HSG/HOLD/ TP: VND 16,100] - Overcome hardship with inner strength Initiation Tien Le
17/03/2023 NKG-Nam Kim Steel [NKG/BUY/TP: VND 19,100] - Stand still through the storm Initiation Tien Le
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