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21/02/2024 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/HOLD/TP: VND 69,500] - Purchasing power returns Update Diem Ngo
01/02/2024 FMC-Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company [FMC/BUY/TP: VND 52,500] - Recovery from 2H2024 Update Diem Ngo
14/12/2023 DBD-Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment JSC [DBD/BUY/ TP: VND 69,800] - EU-GMP factory story Initiation Diem Ngo
20/11/2023 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/BUY/ TP: VND 106,300] - Waiting for recovery Update Diem Ngo
03/11/2023 FMC-Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company [FMC/BUY/ TP: VND 65,800] - Light of recovery Update Diem Ngo
08/08/2023 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/BUY/ TP: VND 102,800] - Expected to recover from the end of Q3/2023 Update Diem Ngo
12/07/2023 FMC-Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company [FMC/HOLD/ Target price: VND 49,900] - Sustainable growth Initiation Diem Ngo
25/05/2023 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/BUY/TP: VND 81,300] - Wait for the chance to recover Update Diem Ngo
09/03/2023 ANV-Nam Viet [ANV/HOLD/TP: VND 34,000] - Reaching out to the new sea Initiation Diem Ngo
24/02/2023 VHC-Vinh Hoan Corp. [VHC/BUY/TP: VND 72,700] - Challenge vs Opportunity Update Diem Ngo
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