Market Report Week 30 - Conquering 1200


Assessment: The macroeconomic information from last week also indicates a recovery in the US market. In the coming week, PMI data from the US and Vietnam will provide more insights into whether businesses plan to expand production in the near future or not.

Technical view: Vietnamese stock market: In the past week, VNINDEX continued its fourth consecutive weekly gain, closing at 1207.67 with increasing liquidity. During the session, there were few strong corrections in the market as buying pressure is always ready to push the prices up, and large-cap stocks also contributed to boosting the market.

Investment Ideas: With the respectation of the US economic recovery from last week's data, export-oriented sectors, specifically companies with a significant export share to the US, will be given priority, such as seafood, textiles, and interior materials. Additionally, with positive FDI data, the industrial real estate sector will also receive positive signals.

  • Movement of cash flows and capital flows
  • Top stocks worth noting
  • Macro data
Hoang Nam

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