Market Recap - Maintaining the green


▶ In Tuesday's session, the liquidity decreased slightly compared to the previous session, VN-Index continued to increase for the 8th session, showing a positive sentiment of investors.

▶ At the end of the session, VN-Index gained 0.96 points, equivalent to 0.08%, reaching 1,174.09 points; HNX-Index gained 0.01 points (+0.0%), reaching 230.96 points. 

▶ Technical perspective: The bullish signal is still there, but the STOCH RSI is showing a correcting trend and is about to cut the signal line. The RSI has entered the overbought zone, showing that the market has been relatively hot in recent times. It is expected that the market will retest the 1,150 -1,160 zone to continue the upward momentum to conquer 1,200-1,300 by the end of this year in a more sustainable way. 

Vo Thi Thuy Trang

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