Morning call- The market fell sharply, there was no bottom-fishing demand


US stock indexes ended higher than yesterday, as the first-quarter GDP revision came in stronger than expected while initial jobless claims data showed the labor market remained resilient. strong. Treasury yields rose and dollar strengthened after the data. The financial group had the best gain after the Federal Reserve said the finances of the largest U.S. lenders remained strong.

The market dropped 12.96 points (1.14%) to close at 1,125.39 points. When the whole market expected a bottom catching rhythm to recover, this afternoon's disappointment came again. VCB and VNM still made great efforts, but there was no bottom-fishing wave, instead there was a fierce sell-off.

  • World stocks: 23 banks all passed the annual test of the Fed
  • Vietnam Stocks: About 132 shares lost more than 2% of the value per share
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