Morning Call - The struggling still dominated trading, the number of Covid-19 infections in the country continues to increase. China's Q1 GDP growth exceeded expectations


World stocks kept in green. The Chinese economy advanced 4.5% yoy in Q1 of 2023, accelerating from a 2.9% growth in Q4, above market forecasts of 4%. This was the strongest pace of expansion since Q1 of 2022, amid efforts from Beijing to spur the post-pandemic recovery. The annual inflation rate in Canada fell to 4.3% in March 2023, the lowest level since August 2021, in line with market expectations.

Domestic stocks struggled around the support of 1,050 points. The Government agreed to let the Ministry of Finance submit a plan to reduce VAT 2% to the National Assembly. The Ministry of Health's COVID-19 prevention and control bulletin on April 18 said there were 1,522 cases of COVID-19. This is the day with the highest number of new cases in more than half a year.


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  • Update the number of new Covid 19 infections, the number of cases skyrocketed to exceed 1,000 cases
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