Morning Call - The green color continues to remain, the liquidity improves, the global market prospers


The US stock market had a second session in the green as investors' concerns about the banking sector gradually eased with the news that First Citizens BancShares Inc is in negotiation to acquire Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 194.55 points, or 0.6%, to end at 32,432.08, while the S&P 500 gained 0.2% to 3,977.53

The VN-Index continued to maintain its bullish momentum with liquidity remaining above the 20-session average. The index is struggling at resistant area of 1,050 points. In the week from March 20 to March 24, the interbank interest rate continued to decrease sharply in all terms over the sessions. Closing on March 24, the interbank VND interest rate traded around: 1.2% overnight (-2.3 bps) compared to the last session of the previous week); 1 week 1.9% (-2.10 bps); 2 weeks 2.9% (-1.68 bps); 1 month 4.43% (-1.35 bps).


  • Domestic and international news
  • Domestic stocks gain slightly with improved liquidity
  • Technical perspective and recommended update



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