Market trends - Calm


- The stock market fell today. Most stocks traded in the red. The VN30 basket was strongly differentiated with 14 gainers, 15 losers and 1 reference.

- At the end of the session, the VN-Index lost 0.20 points (-0.02%), reaching 1,052.80 points; HNX-Index dropped 2.01 points (-0.97%), reaching 205.85 points.

- From a technical perspective: The index continued to stand firm in the first session of the week when the news of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse last weekend created fear among global investors and led to the sell-off of bank stocks afterwards. However, the market is still moving sideways and sticking to the 20-day MA around 1,050 points. The MACD has crossed the signal line along with the RSI stabilizing above 50, which will reinforce the recovery inertia. In case there is still no motivation to break out, the trend is still unclear and investors should be patient.


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