Market trends - Bullish remains


- The stock market continued to rise in today's session. This is the 4th consecutive gaining session of VN-Index. Today's gaining momentum mostly came from banks and airlines.

- At the end of the session, the VN-Index gained 6.7 points (+0.65%), reaching 1,055.95 points; HNX-Index gained 0.35 points (+0.17%), reaching 209.03 points.

- From a technical perspective: The MACD has crossed the signal line along with the RSI remaining above 50 supporting the recovery inertia. In addition, foreign investors turned to be net buyers in recent sessions, creating more catalysts. However, the market is approaching the resistance area around the 50-day MA, corresponding to 1,050 - 1,060 points, so the upcoming trade will be inclined to shake. Therefore, investors should focus on strong stocks, avoid excitement and spread the portfolio.

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