Morning Call 09/11/2022 - The downtrend is weakening and the market is expected to find a balance soon, Seafood exports are expected to recover in October


Global stocks continue to gain. Recent data on the US midterm elections suggest Republicans gained ground, and analysts anticipate a split government, with the GOP likely to win the House and possibly the Senate, thus placing a check on the Democratic policy agenda.

Domestic stocks regain the green color, many stocks rebound. Seafood exports decelerated in September but soon returned to a good recovery in October, opening expectations for positive results for the last quarter of the year and aiming for a sales milestone of 10 billion USD.


  • Domestic and international news
  • Seafood exports are expected to recover in October #VHC, #FMC, #MPC
  • Technical view and recommendations #VNM
Le Tran Khang

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