Morning Call 07/11/2022 - Retest the threshold of 1000 points, expect China to ease the blockade


Global stocks regained the green at the end of the week. Asian stocks traded positively with China leading the way on hopes of an imminent easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Shanghai surged 5.3% and Hang Seng also climbed 8.7%.

Domestic stocks continued to drop but the demand still managed to keep the threshold of 1,000 points. Although the US midterm elections are often focused on domestic issues, analysts say this election will be important in terms of foreign policy, because a Republican victory could be detrimental to Asia.


  • Domestic and international news
  • Expectations of easing Covid restrictions from China boost commodity market recovery
  • Waiting for the midterm elections in the US
  • Technical view and recommendations #BMI
Le Tran Khang

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