Market Trends: Going with the wind


 Vietnam stock market continued to boom on Thursday session, large cap skyrocketed.

 At the end, VN Index gained 14.99 points, or +1.05% and closed at 1,438.01. Liquidity remained high, although the trading value decreased to VND 26,186 bn, or 865mn shares traded. Foreign investors continued to bring positive signals with a net buying of VND 625 bn.

 Leading the stocks that helped VN-Index gain including VCB (+1.87%), GAS (+2.71%), and MSN (+3.34%). Meanwhile, HVN (- 2.53%) dropped after the SSC's warning and negatively impacted the index along with PDR (-1.85%) and PLX (-0.9%).  Utilities stocks continued to maintain an impressive rally and had outstanding performance when market capitalization increased by 2.7%. Some notable tickers included GAS (+2.71%), POW (+2.82%) and IDC (+8.28%).  Technically, VN-Index continued to explode and was consolidated with large trading volume. The RSI has moved into the overbought zone, suggesting a potential minor correction.

 In general, investor sentiment is buoyed thanks to potential catalyst about the likely-to-approve economic stimulus package being discussed at the National Assembly and reliable expectation about recovery prospect of businesses in Q4


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