[REDUCE] On a short tide


- Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade indicates that commercial industrial park area has surged recently with the increasing numbers of industrial parks reaching 5% in average annually. Besides, the complicated US-China relation has encouraged factories to move to ASEAN countries, particularly Vietnam. The action would help the demand for toles or galanvized corrugated steel in Vietnam have a stable growth rate since industrial park facilities require a large amount of flat steel. - The whole world is facing severe shortage of hot-rolled coils (HRC) as China has started to limit production of steel via blast furnaces to reduce emission. In details, the Tangshan authority forces steel makers operating blast furnaces to cut the steel output amount by 50% in Q2 and 30% for the second half of 2021. China has also stopped VAT rebate on steel export in which HRC is the main product. In short-term, HRC price is expected to keep growing and help Nam Kim Steel achieve a high profit margin from the previous inventories.

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