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As one of the listed companies with highest growth potential in the field of warehousing, which comes from: 1) A strong increase in demand for warehouse rental - to serve importexport activities and e-commerce business - especially in the southern region, 2) The company has been transferred from the parent company - Saigon Newport Corporation - 118ha of land to expand the warehouse system, with the target of 650k m2 warehouse area by 2025. (equivalent to 2021-2025 CAGR of 8.3%), 3) With convenient location (located near Cai Mep area - the port cluster with the highest growth rate in Vietnam - and large industrial parks in Dong Nai, Binh Duong provinces) and close relationship with the parent company, ILB can attract cargos for gathering, making customs procedures before being taken to ports in Cai Mep, 4) In 2021, Tan Cang Long Binh ICD expects to be officially announced as an inland port (specified in Decree No.38/2017/ND - CP), through which the company can accelerate land clearance, expand the warehouse area and providing a full range of services, from transshipment to customs clearance. 

ILB-ICB Tan Cang Long Binh

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