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- Duc Giang Chemicals is a leading enterprise in Vietnam’s chemical industry, especially with products from apatite ores. DGC’s main business supplies phosphorus-containing products, which are essential ingredients in many industries. - DGC holds an outstanding technology that can process deeply in the value chain from apatite ores to end products. The Company is the only entity in Vietnam that can produce some high-value products in the niche market such as biocides Chloramine B and DAP fertilizer and PVC resin from ores. - Nghi Son project under construction is expected to operate in early 2022. The manager confident that this mega factory under full-capacity will earn VND8,000 bn revenue per year with high margin, securing the growth ~25% profit / year in next 5 years. The great potential thanks to their products are essential raw materials Clo + PVC resin, of which Vietnam currently have to import 100%.

DGC-Ducgiang Chemicals

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