- Investment and expansion of Sowatco Long Binh port and neighboring ICD/depot system (accounting for 60% of total revenue) will bring impressive growth to the company, which came from: 1) In 2021, with Sowatco Long Binh port, SWC will complete the upgrade of wharf No.1 to a berth of class 5,000-ton (currently there are two berths of class 5,000-ton), through which we expect the port's capacity will increase by 34%; 2) Upgrade the remaining yards those behind the wharf, thereby exploiting 100% of these yards (only 70% of the yards have been exploited); 3) Convenient location of the port (next to Dong Nai River and National Highway 1A, located near large industrial parks), and supported by Depot/ICD of parent company -Indo Tran, will help SWC to complete the Port - Warehouse - Depot system, provide a full range of 3PL logistics services for customers and ensure the port's performance. 

SWC-Southern Waterborne Transport

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