Morning call - Optimistic but cautious


Stocks in the US finished lower on Friday, driven by concerns sparked by robust PPI data, heightening worries that the Fed may not initiate interest rate cuts sooner than expected. The S&P 500 lost 0.5%, the Dow dropped 145 points and Nasdaq slid 0.8%. The US saw a 0.3% increase in producer prices last month, surpassing forecasts of 0.1%, while the core PPI surged by 0.5%, well above the anticipated 0.1%.


VNINDEX closed 1,209 (+7.2 points, +0.6%) with maintained high liquidity. The market has 288 green codes and 201 red codes. The group of stocks contributing to the market's rising momentum includes GVR, VIC, and VNM. On the contrary, the stock groups contributing to the market's decline were BID and VCB. Most industry groups have growth, in which the chemical industry, industrial goods and services have the strongest growth.


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