Market Report Week 03 - News from The National Assembly meeting creates good conditions for the market's uptrend



On the morning of January 18th, continuing the agenda of the 5th Extraordinary Session, with 87.63% of National Assembly deputies (432/477 deputies participating in the vote) in favor, the National Assembly officially passed the revised Land Law. The law will come into effect from January 1, 2025.

Passed the Law on Credit Institutions: Dealing with cross-ownership, manipulating banks. On the morning of January 18th, at the 5th Extraordinary Session of the 15th National Assembly, the National Assembly voted to pass the Resolution on the passage of the revised Law on Credit Institutions. With the majority of voters in favor, the National Assembly officially passed the revised Law on Credit Institutions with 15 chapters and 210 articles.

Technical view: VNINDEX closed at 1,181.5 (+26.8 points, +2.32%) after the previous week's correction. The leading stock groups in the market include the banking, retail and real estate sectors. The upward trend is still maintaining well, and has exceeded the resistance zone of 1180. The next resistance threshold for VNINDEX is the 1,230 zone - the old peak in 2023.

Investment Ideas: Investors continue to pay attention to the groups of industries that benefit from this period such as banking, real estate and retail when a series of positive information is supporting this group. However, many stocks have risen quite hot or are approaching the old peak without showing signs of correction. Therefore, investors prioritize holding, and should only buy to increase the proportion. Avoid buying new because the market can adjust at any time.

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