Market Recap – Tested the 1,160 area


▶ During Wednesday's trading session, the market had a volatile trading session but liquidity still remained high with a bright spot coming from the banking group.

▶ At the end of the trading session, VN-Index increased 2.95 points, equivalent to 0.25%, reaching 1,158.59 points; HNX-Index decreased 1.09 points (-0.47%), reaching 232.5 points. Market liquidity reached 20.8 trillion VND, equivalent to about 993 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell 217 billion VND, focusing mainly on FUEVFVND and DGC.

▶ Technical perspective: The market's upward momentum is narrowing and showing signs of slowing down as banking stocks’ investors are showing signs of profit taking. Although the market increased, the number of green stocks was less than the number of red stocks, showing that cash flow only went into a few banking stocks with large capitalization, causing the index to increase. The market trend is still good and the slowdown of VNINDEX is also normal as it has been increasing rapidly over the past time.

Diem Ngo

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