Market Recap – Continuing the upward momentum


▶ During Monday's trading session, the market continued to have an increasing session, showing that investor sentiment is quite optimistic.

▶ At the, VN-Index increased 5.51 points, equivalent to 0.48%, reaching 1,160.19 points; HNX-Index increased 0.57 points (+0.24%), reaching 233.33 points. Market liquidity reached 19.2 trillion VND, equivalent to about 905 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell 259 billion VND, focusing mainly on FUEVFVND and MSN.

▶ Technical perspective: After overcoming the resistance area of 1,130, VNINDEX still maintained good upward momentum with the strong leadership of the banking group. The market still maintained its upward pace after surpassing the 1,130 barrier. The corresponding support and resistance level is 1,130-1,180. Therefore, investors can watch for disbursement when the market tends to adjust to the 1,130 area and rebound. The main strategy should still be to hold when the market is also quite far from the support threshold of 1,130, with the banking group having increased quite hotly in recent sessions.

Diem Ngo

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