Market Recap – Hesitation


During Tuesday's trading session, the market continued to move sideways with low liquidity.

At the end, VN-Index increased 2.13 points, equivalent to 0.19%, reaching 1,127.63 points; HNX-Index increased 0.34 points (+0.15%), reaching 231.71 points. Market liquidity reached 13.98 trillion VND, equivalent to about 646 million shares traded. Foreign investors continued to net sell VND 308 billion, focusing mainly on FUEVFVND and MSN.

BID (+1.21%), HPG (+1.64%) and FPT (+1.89%) are the three stocks contributing the most to the market. On the contrary, MSN (-1.93%), VNM (-0.86%) and BCM (-1.08%) are the three stocks that contributed the most to the red color of the market.

Information&Technology and Household goods manufacturing are the two industry groups that gained the most in today's session with the following typical stocks: FPT and TNG.

Technical perspective: By forming a small Doji candle, the market continues to maintain a sideways state with low liquidity, showing that the upward momentum of VNINDEX is unclear, along with the cautious psychology of buyers. Regarding the trend, nothing has changed compared to previous sessions. The market needs to completely escape the 1130 zone to confirm a further upward wave. The corresponding support and resistance level is 1080-1130.

Diem Ngo

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